Claire Kellerman on September 01, 2011

Attachment Parenting International Brings Out the Best in Families

Since 1994, Attachment Parenting International (API) has brought experts, parents and families together for mutual support, education and empathy. Their commitment and actions are providing guidance and community strength to transform and heal the suffering from inherited patterns of parenting that do not serve healthy connection and trust in our children. The API founders, Lysa Parker and Barbara Nicholson, their Board of Directors, parenting support groups, and members all bring their experience to API. They learn together, through their collective insight, success, and clear scientific research to share and model a constructive, joyful, engaged parenting lifestyle.

Parents aligning with API parenting support groups find the kindness, understanding, and manageable baby steps they can take to bring peace to their own minds and to establish the beautiful bond, emotional connection, and healthy behaviors that they wish for their children. Respect and affection naturally flow, and can be restored when needed, where healthy attachment and compassionate communication are practiced. This quality of connection and interaction invites and encourages healthy attachment and bonding that serve babies for their entire lives. Parents find ways to meet their own needs, as well as their babies’ through API. Harmony expands. Effective, sound, proven behaviors and parenting choices allow attachment parenting families to thrive, beginning by instilling trust in their babies and children.

API Board of Directors member Martha Sears, RN, is a registered nurse and the co-author of 25 parenting books with her husband, renowned pediatrician William Sears, MD. ( Martha is the mother of eight children, a former childbirth educator, a La Leche League Leader, and a lactation consultant. She is a popular lecturer and media guest, and calls herself a “professional mother.” She has had the freedom of being a full-time mother as well as a full-time working mom, so she can understand a range of realities modern mothers and fathers are facing. Martha’s 18 years of combined breastfeeding experience include Stephen with Down Syndrome, and Lauren, her adopted daughter. When anyone voices their world population concerns to Martha and the fact that she has eight children, she enjoys assuring them: “The world needs my children.” She knows the influential gifts of attached parenting.

As API says: “Our principal goal is to heighten global awareness of the profound significance of secure attachment — not only to invest in our children’s bright futures, — but to reduce and ultimately prevent emotional and physical mistreatment of children, addiction, crime, behavioral disorders, mental illness, and other outcomes of early unhealthy attachment.” API’s mission to establish a more compassionate world is being fulfilled through education, support, advocacy and research.

API’s online magazine, The Attached Family is dedicated to “Connecting with our children for a more compassionate world.”  The Attached Family offers a wide range of topics for parents on all ages of child development, including these stories:

“The Link Between Breastfeeding and Mental Health” illuminating the research found in Australian studies.

“The Importance of Making Mistakes” can bring some balance and relief:

“Tips to Dealing with Acting Out Behavior” guides parents of toddlers having a melt-down.

“Every Parent-Child Interaction Shapes the Brain” including in utero.

API recognizes the root cause of dysfunction in society and the power parents have to dissolve and transmute past painful experiences, so they are not passed onto future generations. Vast research on a variety of cultures and of our human history shows the validity of accepting that parents can change the world one baby at a time by engaging in strong, healthy emotional loving attachment. No one parents alone. That idea that “it takes a village to raise a child” is true. We are social animals, and API provides the excellent opportunity to find wind for your sails, companionship in growing as parents, and the stars to guide your family in the direction of what peaceful cultures have established. Children know how to love. They are born wanting to be close, to be held, nourished skin-to-skin, and to breathe your breath. Babies know how to connect. API restores and enlivens love at the roots, in our own hearts and in our families.


Bonding is a loving experience. The absence of bonding is fear.”
~Barbara Findeisen, Lifelong Patterns of Fear & Wholeness


Brand new book from Authors

Dr. Don MacMannis, Ph.D & Dr. Deb Manchester MacMannis, M.S.W.: Don & Debra are a team both at home and at the office. Husband and wife for almost 30 years, they have simultaneously served as directors of the Family Therapy Institute of Santa Barbara, a nonprofit organization.

Dr. Laura Markham, Parenting Advice on Attachment Parenting:

Lysa Parker’s website:
Lysa Parker had committed her life to working with parent-child relationship issues and is a recognized authority on parenting. She is the coauthor of a new book that received the 2009 Book of the Year Gold Award from ForeWord Magazine, titled Attached at the Heart: Eight Proven Parenting Principles for Raising Connected and Compassionate Children(iUniverse 2009).

API Board of Directors:

Connected Parenting CD, Bay Area NVC in family Life with Inbal Kashtan:

Touch the Future:

“Bonding is very significant. It builds the foundation for trust in relationships for the rest of your life…Bonding is a loving experience. The absence of bonding is fear.”
~Barbara Findeisen, Lifelong Patterns of Fear & Wholeness

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