Lauren Hufnagl on February 08, 2013

Valentine’s Day DIY: Birch Veneer Artwork


Here’s some easy (and inexpensive) DIY artwork for you just in time for Valentine’s Day:


Step 1: You will need an X-acto knife, a piece of cardboard or other cutting surface, a glue stick, birch veneer paper (can be purchased here – I used the 12″x12″ size), and a print out of your text (flipped so that it looks backwards). You can download my ‘for like ever’ file (already reversed) here.

Step 2: Glue the printed text to the back of your birch veneer paper. Make sure it’s glued so that you can see the text (and the text should look backwards)

Step 3: Place cardboard or another cutting surface beneath your paper and carefully cut through both the printed text and birch veneer paper with your X-acto knife.

Step 4: Mount to a piece of paper with glue or spray adhesive and frame. Hang and enjoy!




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Lauren Hufnagl

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