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Kimmie is a happy mama of three awesome kids. She is married to a Desi Arnaz look-alike whom supports her Lucille Ball tendencies. Together they reside in Orange County, California. She enjoys all things crafty, wearing flip flops 365 days per year, elephants of all sizes, talking about herself in third-person, reading, thrifting, and baking.

You can say hi to her over at her blog, Hello Mess.


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Kimmie Ess on February 11, 2014

Valentine’s Day Craft | Mason Jar Lantern

Valentines Craft
By Kimmie Ess

Easy peasy last-minute Valentine’s Day project for the kids: Mason Jar Lantern. What? It’s February already?! Did we not just open gifts and countdown to midnight?! Where is this year going? Time to act like you have your act together and surprise the kids with a Valentine’s Day project that you probably have the supplies…Continue reading

Kimmie Ess on August 05, 2013

Summer Babywearing & Nursing Style

By Kimmie Ess

There are very few necessities when it comes to breastfeeding; truly, all you need is mother and child.  However, after nearly 55 total months of nursing three children in my life, I can tell you that it’s easiest with these items: Nursing bra by Anita at Nordstrom Ergobaby Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Nursing dress by…Continue reading

Kimmie Ess on August 01, 2013

Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Week 2013!

By Kimmie Ess

I have breastfed all of my babies. When my first born was a year old, I quit nursing her cold turkey. Being 21 and quick to accept advice, I listened when the pediatrician said that I didn’t need to nurse her past a year old, and that quitting right after her birthday was best. Truthfully,…Continue reading

Kimmie Ess on April 03, 2013

Baby Must-Haves

By Kimmie Ess

1. Graco Sweet Snuggle, Oasis; 2. California Baby, Newborn Tote; 3. Boppy Nursing Pillow; 4. Ergobaby Original Carrier; 5. Ergobaby Backpack     Now that our third baby, Franky, is eight months old, it’s very clear to us which baby products we need, and which we could have avoided. Of course, every baby is different, but this list contains all…Continue reading

Kimmie Ess on February 07, 2013

Valentine’s Day DIY: Celery Artwork

Celery Artwork
By Kimmie Ess

I love being a mother. Having lost babies in the past, my journey to having a large family has allowed me to appreciate the small things. I thrive on the chaos. I embrace the mess. I jump on the bed with my kids. I spend afternoons playing with them; imagining, daydreaming, creating… I love to…Continue reading