Christina Soletti on May 22, 2012


Ergobaby Original Collection Carrier - Zebra

As promised, another new carrier to talk about!  We sent you trekking with Outback, now into the wild with the Ergobaby Zebra Carrier, the latest color in our Original Collection. Nurture your baby and show off your striking style.  Fashion meets function with this striped print that’s eye-catchingly bold, while the carrier supports your baby…Continue reading

Christina Soletti on May 17, 2012

The Back Carry: Safe, Easy & Practical


Back wearing, also known as Back Carrying, seems to elicit both interest and a little bit of fear from baby wearing parents.  While Back Carrying is one of the most liberating types of carries–it enables you to be hands free and keep the baby safely from whatever you are doing–it seems to be one of…Continue reading

Christina Soletti on May 11, 2012

Hug Everywhere!

Hug Everywhere-- Meditation

We all know that Ergobaby carriers are so comfortable that Moms and Dad can wear them longer and go more places – all while being close to their babies. The Ergobaby carrier keeps your baby close, while leaving you free to move about your busy day. The ergonomic design is so comfortable, you can wear it longer because…Continue reading

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Christina Soletti on May 09, 2012

Introducing…Aussie Khaki

ERGObaby Original Collection Baby Carrier - Outback

UPDATE 6/14/12:  We have renamed this carrier “Aussie Khaki (formerly known as Outback).” There’s lots to talk about around here.  Last week, we delivered the Elegantly Reduced pricing on our Petunia Pickle Bottom Carriers, now for something brand-new!  Introducing our newest color in our Original Collection: Aussie Khaki (formerly known as Outback). The first-in-line design that made…Continue reading

Christina Soletti on May 02, 2012

My Ideal Mother’s Day on Pinterest


*Updated May 9, 2012 @ 00:00 AM* Annnnnd comments are closed! Thanks for all the amazing submissions.  We’ll get to browsing your pinboards right away. Mother’s Day is fast approaching!  This year, it lands on May 13…wouldn’t all of you stylish mamas out there love to win a Designer Collection Petunia Pickle Bottom Carrier for…Continue reading

Christina Soletti on May 01, 2012

Elegantly Reduced Organics

ERGObaby Designer Sale

It’s May 1…for the first of our special announcements, we are bringing you our organic Designer Collection at an elegantly reduced price. For a limited time, add a stylish Ergobaby Designer Collection carrier to your stash…or fulfill your friend’s baby registry item…for a very special price. At Ergobaby.com and at specialty stores, our series of…Continue reading

Steve Hryniuk on April 16, 2012

The Hot Names of 2012, Revealed

Hot Names of 2012 Revealed

From: Today – Moms Baby names 2012 are already proving to be very different from last year’s choices, with The Hunger Games taking over from Twilight as the primary cultural influence on names, the hottest boys’ names taking a cue from the girls, and musical names trumping Hollywood for inspiration. In an analysis of nearly 3…Continue reading

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Hannah Sullivan on February 01, 2012

Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo Care describes a technique in which infants, often premature and underweight, are placed, skin-to-skin, on the chest of the mother or primary caregiver. This position ensures physiological and physical closeness and warmth. The stable body temperature of the parent can effectively regulate the infant’s temperature, and provides easy accessibility to breastfeeding. Even with the…Continue reading

Karin Frost on February 01, 2012


Co-Authored by: Robert Frost, Ph.D., ERGObaby Executive Chairman, Retired Karin Frost, ERGObaby Founder and Chief Design Officer Babies arrive with all the necessary tools to bond quickly with their mothers and fathers, but most quickly with their mothers because the process already began in the womb.  At that stage they learned to recognize their mother’s…Continue reading

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Alexsandra Burt on January 04, 2012

Born To Bond through Movement

Since the 1950s, more doctors have acknowledged the tremendous healing power of bonding with our young through babywearing, physical contact, breastfeeding and family beds. The physical, mental and emotional health benefits are unsurpassed by any drug or remedy known to man with the benefits lasting a lifetime. Hopefully, this article helps parents to bond with…Continue reading

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