Henrik Norholt on October 16, 2013

Ages & Stages: A science-based view on baby carrying positions


We will describe some of the aspects of how a baby develops in the first year which relate to ideal carrying positions and we hope that this will help you make good and informed choices on the carrier types and positions you will employ in your care for your baby. Need for Brain Stimulation Let’s…Continue reading

Amy Giannakis on June 08, 2012

The Importance of Ergonomics in Babywearing


Ergonomics is something every parent needs to consider when choosing a baby carrier. Not only do you want your baby to be snuggled up close to you, but you also want to make sure they are correctly supported and positioned in the baby carrier.  As a chiropractor I can’t stress enough how important it is…Continue reading

Christina Soletti on April 26, 2012

International Hip Dysplasia Institute Issues Statement About Baby Carriers and Healthy Hip Development


We’ve written about hip dysplasia before  and the importance of a well designed carrier that promotes the correct ergonomic position for baby.  Now the International Hip Dysplasia Institute has issued a statement that recommends the use of a baby carrier that supports a natural seated position, with the thigh supported at the knee joint, such…Continue reading

Henrik Norholt on January 04, 2012

Does Infant Carrying Promote Attachment?

Does Infant Carrying Promote Attachment?

“Baby carrying strengthens the bond between you and your baby.” This is a statement you often hear from baby carrying advocates, be it experienced mothers, baby-carrying consultants or midwives. It really only takes one look at a calm secure parent and her or his quiet, relaxed, content and alert baby in a good baby carrier…Continue reading

Henrik Norholt on December 01, 2011

Carrying, Crying and Colic

Carrying, Crying and Colic

Crying is one of the strongest signals a baby uses to get the attention of a caregiver, or parent, that something is bothering the baby. Through evolution, mothers are primed to respond to the cry signal and to attempt to soothe the baby as best possible. It is thus no surprise that bouts of inconsolable…Continue reading

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